Rejoicing in an Incredible Day!

OK, finally a few minutes to sit down and do an update before heading to bed! It was a long day and tiring for Tracy, but we are rejoicing in the Lord that the pulmonary doctor took Tracy’s trach OUT today!!!! We were expecting him to tell us it had to stay in a while longer, but he didn’t!!!! Tracy is so excited!! His voice will be weak for a couple of days until the hole heals up, but I think he’s already sounding stronger!! Gooooooo GOD Goooooo!!!!! We praise You Sweet Jesus!!!!! Another miracle!!!!!!!

The other doctor’s appointments went good. They have Tracy schedule to do another swallowing test Tuesday, Nov 5 at 1pm. We are trusting God with an excellent report on this procedure also!!! So please believe with us for another miracle!!! Tracy did get a flu shot. His doctor highly recommended it. I will probably go to Walgreens and get one for myself in the next day or so.

You know, Tracy has been a little more open about his feelings and to prove it, today he told me, I CAN’T DRIVE!!! He HATES and I mean HATES with all capitol letters my driving!!!! We were in a hurry because our first two appointments ran over and we were late to the pulmonary doctor’s appointment so I was having to drive a little faster than most times. And, then you have all these drivers who are out for a Sunday afternoon drive and nobody is in the world but them. He yelled at me and said, IF YOU DON’T STOP DRIVING BAD I AM NOT GONNA STRAIGHTEN UP, I AM GONNA LEAN OVER AS FAR AS I CAN IN MY CHAIR!! I am all the time telling him to straighten his head and his body, because sometimes when he’s tired he slumps over some. If any one knows of a good driver, let me know!!! LOL

Well, I really need to go to bed. But, before I go I want to thank Tim Dillman and Olan Witt of Coach Quarters for taking care of the bus and keeping it rolling on the road! Olan and his staff are working on the back lounge of our bus to fix Tracy a bed that elevates the head and knees so he can start going with us! He will not be able to do a full 4 day weekend, but we are gonna ease into a couple of days. We don’t won’t to over do with him, but he told me he doesn’t like being left at home while I’m gone on the road. Please pray God will bless both of these guys richly and more than they can contain for sticking by their friend and helping bear the burden of keeping a bus on the road!! We love you guys more than you can know!!!

perrys-press-300x149Oh, one more thing!! :0) Tracy’s solo CD is now available on our website It’s called, The Best of Tracy! I love the album!!! I realized after listening to it that Tracy is very under-rated in his singing!! The CD is loaded with great songs from past recordings that Tracy sang. My favorite of all the songs is the old song, How Much More!!! Wow, he rocks this song!!!!! Go order your copy now!!! Christmas is around the corner and they would make great gifts for any Gospel music lover! There’s also a “SPECIAL” going on too with his CD and our latest: The Perry’s Greatest Hits.


Dear Lord,
What an incredible day You gave us!!!! Another MIRACLE!!!! How can we ever thank You enough for the all You have done? It’s amazing to stand back and watch You work!! Sometimes Your hand is hard to see, and then there’s other times it’s in plain view!! We praise You for ALL things You have done over the past 9 months!!! As Tracy said tonight when he was praying, You are an awesome God!!! Lord, just keep on doing Your thing!! We will try to stay out of Your way and trust YOUR plan and YOUR will!!! Hands go up in praise, honor and glory to You and all You’ve done and gonna do!!!!
I love You!!!!


So Blessed

Oct30We’ve had a busy day today. Had a meeting in Franklin, TN today with some exciting things coming from the group. Had lunch with the guys, Bryan Walker, David Ragan and Jared Stuffle after the meeting. Great lunch! Then we came home and Tracy wanted to go to bed to rest. He has a busy day tomorrow with Doctor’s appointments starting at 11am in Lebanon, TN and going til 2pm. One is with the neuro dr from the Rehab, then the primary care dr and then the pulmonary dr. Praying everything goes great! We will find out from the pulmonary dr about the trach, so help up pray that he can have it taken out soon, Lord willing. Then, we will meet with Olan Witt tomorrow evening about getting Tracy a suitable bed put in the back of the bus. So, as you can tell it’s gonna be a long day for him.

I put up our Stuffle Family Christmas Tree night before last. Tracy even helped by trying to hold things for me. First time in years, he actually enjoyed the tree going up! Normally, he tells me, Wait til Thanksgiving, but not this time. We played a little Bing Crosby while I was decorating. We are soooo blessed and highly favored to be where we are after the past few months for him since the strokes! God is soooo awesome!!!!! Still got a ways to go, but we are getting there and God is faithful!!!!

Dear Jesus,
We are soooo blessed to be where we are tonight!! You have been incredible with everything You have done for us. We are blessed that we have another year of decorating, preparing for the Celebration of Your birth!!! Thank You is never enough!! ALL PRAISE, GLORY, HONOR AND CREDIT GOES AND BELONGS TO YOU!!!! Go with us tomorrow to every Dr’s visit and give us excellent news according to Your will!! I love You!!!!

Please Pray for Sleep Apnea Results

Please pray for Tracy tonight. We will be doing the home sleep apnea study test on him tonight. If all goes good, we can take steps toward getting the trach out!!! He actually gets to do this at home. I am praying for an excellent report! We will take the machine back tomorrow and I don’t know how long after that until we get the results, but I will let you know!

Your will be done tonight! I am expecting an excellent report!! In Jesus’ name!!

Oct20Tracy sings for a second day on stage at Dollywood. He only did one set, he was worn out, but he loved being on stage to see everyone!!!

Prayers For Tracy

Tracy has been kind of down today, even with his dad being here. He’s feeling like he can’t do anything and he’s worthless. I told him those were lies of the devil and to not even give them a second thought! He was still down when I prayed with him tonight before he went to sleep. He’s just feeling discouraged. All I can do is just keep trying to encourage him and plead the blood over his thoughts and his mind, in Jesus’ name. It’s normal for him to have these kinds of days, but today he’s been a little more than I’ve seen him. Praying tomorrow (Saturday) will be a better day!!

Send Your Holy Spirit to take captive the thoughts of discouragement that Tracy is having!! Replace those thoughts with thoughts of victory and joy!!! God, You didn’t bring us this far to drop us off, so I am trusting You to touch Tracy and his thinking! In Jesus’ name!!

Keeping My Sweet Guys with Me!

Oct17After 10 years of having the same in-ear monitor buds and them hanging on with duct tape, I finally had to break down and get a new pair. Here they are!! They look Christmas-ey! I wonder why? 🙆 I wanted my sweet guys on them so I have them with me when singing! 👪 Will these help me sing better, probably not! But, with only having 10% hearing in both ears, I have to have them. Yes, I’m deaf without my hearing aids and buds, but God gives me enough to get His work done! Praise The Lord!