Pray for Rest, Strength and Endurance

nov14Yeah GOD IS GOOD!!!!! 9 1/2 months ago this seemed it may never happen!!! Goooooo GOD Goooooo!!!! Christmas pics another year!!!! Thank You GOD!!!!!

Well, Lord willing Tracy and I will be with the group this weekend in Albany, GA – Apopka, FL and Louisville, AL! Getting last minute stuff together to put on the bus this evening! This will be Tracy’s first time back on the bus since January 21, 2013!! He’s very excited and after we prayed last night, he said he wants God to use him in a mighty way this weekend!! 😊
This will be a test run to see how things go! Please pray for rest, strength and endurance for both of us!

And just a reminder and PLEASE do NOT take this wrong, but I’m only looking out after my husband! If you come to any of the concerts and you have been sick or are sick or feel like you are getting sick DO NOT get around Tracy! Love him from afar!! Not trying to be mean or rude but just pre cautious!

Dear God,
How blessed we feel that we are soooo much further than we were 9 months ago!! We are thankful for this journey that You have allowed us to travel. Don’t understand it, but just trusting You and Your plan! Use us this weekend to encourage the body of Christ! Let lives be changed and souls be saved! ALL glory, honor and credit belongs to You and You alone!!! I love You!!!


One thought on “Pray for Rest, Strength and Endurance

  1. Praying all will go well for Tracy and The Perrys. May God give you all strength, especially Tracy for endurance and joy because he is able to do what he loves to do and that is sing praises to your precious Name, our Lord Jesus Christ. Dear Heavenly Father use Tracy and The Perry’s in a way that only an awesome God can do. Amen and amen. ❤

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