God’s Call On Your Life

Tonight Tracy wanted to go see all his buddy’s with Greater Vision, Booth Brothers and Legacy Five sing at TBN for their Christmas Jubilee. It was a awesome program!! I watched Tracy and his emotions as this was really the first concert type setting he has been too watching some other groups sing. Half way through the program during the break Tracy started crying. When I asked him why he was crying he said, I’m just a little overwhelmed. He said, I wanted sing again and I’ve sat here asking God over and over why this has happened to me. My heart broke for him! I don’t know how he feels and I can’t tell him I do. I just try to tell him that maybe one day God will reveal the why, but until then we just have to keep trusting God’s will and plan in all of this. No, I don’t have a clue either why. Some days are easier than others to try to even begin to understand. But, this one thing I do know, God has NEVER left us, NEVER forsaken us, but has been with us every step of the way!! The days that the pain and fear becomes too much, God says, here, I’ll take it!! You know what, I gladly hand it over to Him!! He’s teaching me especially that trusting Him is soooo much better than my petty ideas and pitiful way of trying to figure it all out!! I still have my days when I act like the little kid in the store that is crying and throwing a blooming fit because he can’t have what he wants!! But, when I stop and realize that God has this, I am ashamed of myself!!

I guess I just want to tell you all, never take for granted what God has called you to do!! If He’s called you to sing, sing! Yeah, there’s gonna be hard days that you just want to be home and be normal! Same with preaching or whatever you may do. Just remember the thing that You may be taking for granted, someone may be praying to do or in Tracy’s case be able to do it again!! Just push through and do what God has called you to do, with all your heart and all your soul!!! One day you may find yourself in a position that it seems it’s all been taken away from you!!

Dear Lord,
Thank You that You go with through every trial and heartache! Thank You for never taking Your hand off of us!!! Lord, help us NOT to take for granted the thing You have called us to do!! Lord, we are BLESSED way more than we know!! I love You!!


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