A Wonderful, Blessed Day

We have had such a wonderful and blessed day!!! Started out with Greater Vision at their Smoky Mtn Praise Fest in Pigeon Forge, TN this morning! Thanks to everyone who came by and said you were STILL praying for us!!! We are forever grateful and PLEASE, PLEASE don’t stop!!! Thank you to everyone who gave love gifts, we are so humbled by all of your love and support!!! We cannot thank you all enough for everything! Thanks to Gerald Wolfe and Greater Vision for having us on their special event! They could have had any group to sing this morning other than the Perrys!

After we finished there, Tony Gore delivered lunch, cakes and pies to the bus!! Oh my, it was incredible and made me sleepy! :0) Tracy was soooo excited that Tony cooked him his very own homemade banana pudding!!! Thanks Tony Gore!!! We value our friendship that we’ve have for many, many, many years!! Love you friend!

JK brought us home in the RV on two wheels! :0) Our bus is in the shop being modified for Tracy’s needs so he will be able to go with us some as his strength will allow. Thanks to Olan Witt and Coach Quarters for doing this for Tracy and for the use of the RV! Lord willing, Tracy will be making the trip with us next weekend for the first time! This will be a test run to see how he does and how he likes it!

Thank you to Alisa Grubb, Kasey Kemp and Miranda Thompson Myracle for staying with Tracy while I went to Pigeon Forge! I really don’t know what I would do without y’all helping me out!! I pray God blesses y’all way more than you can ever contain!!!!! I love y’all for being here for me!!!

Tracy has been sleeping this evening. He doesn’t sleep well when I’m away. So, I have Christmas music playing softly and letting him sleep in front of the Christmas tree! When he wakes up he wants some of that banana pudding! :0)


PS: Yes, the dog is still hanging out!!!

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for such a wonderful, blessed day You have given us!! We are so un-deserving, but some how You just keep right on blessing us!! You are sooooo incredibly awesome, NO words are adequate enough to describe You!!! May be one day when I get to heaven I can show You with bowing at Your precious feet and praising You for a million years and then I will have just begun!!!! I love You Sweet Jesus!!!


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