Thankful For All Things

Welp, Tracy has a UTI and yeast infection! Got antibiotics started tonight. Gave him some yogurt too. Praying all this stuff dies in the Name of Jesus!!!!

Thanks to Randy Perry and Mary Brown Perry for staying with us a couple of days and helping with things!! Means a lot!!! Tracy prayed tonight and thank God for you two and for letting Randy help him take a bath two nights! So sweet!! Miss y’all already!! Can’t wait til Christmas!!!

Happy Birthday to my OLDER sister Debra Perry-Reed!!! I will be 50 the 16th of November and she is 5 yrs older than me! Hope it was a great day!!! I love you!!!

Praying we get to go to church in the morning if Tracy is up to it. He loves his church and always wants to go if he can.

November is a month when we show and tell more what we are thankful for. I just want to say, I am thankful for all things! Everything in my life! God’s been good in my life! I’ve been blessed beyond what you could ever imagine!!!!!

Thankful for the extra hour of sleep tonight!!!!! Sleep is a precious thing to me! LOL :0)

Hope you all have a blessed Lord’s day!!! Remember to pray for your Pastor!!!! He’s either preyed on or prayed for!!! Which do you do??

I’m thankful for all things!!! You said in Your Word, “in ALL things give thanks!!!” Not just the month of November, but for everyday that I live!!!! Touch my sweet man tonight! I plead the blood over this UTI and yeast infection!! Nothing is too hard or impossible for you!!! Touch all of my friends tonight! Soooooo many are hurting, facing un-believable stuff, or lost loved ones! Wrap Your loving arms around each of them and let them feel Your presence and Your comfort like never before! You know who they are and the needs they are facing!!
I love You Jesus!!!


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