The Perrys Featured on Daniel Britt & Friends!

nov27Coming up on the next broadcast of Daniel Britt & Friends, the week of 1/27/14: It’s been a year since Tracy Stuffle of The Perrys suffered a stroke that shook up Gospel music. In the months following, Tracy would be in and out of comas, ups and downs, and survived not one but five brain bleeds. On our next show, Daniel sits down with Tracy & Libbi of The Perrys, one-year-later, to discuss the journey of healing and faith! Hear the story as told by Libbi, and Tracy’s gratitude directly. It’s an hour you won’t want to miss – complete with some classic musical moments featuring Tracy, Libbi, & The Perrys, on the next Daniel Britt & Friends!

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Jared Stuffle to Sing Bass for The Perrys

imageJanuary 20, 2014 – (Hendersonville, TN) Award-winning, Gospel group, The Perrys announced today that Jared Stuffle, known to everyone as JK, will be singing Bass until Tracy returns to the road full time.

JK is no stranger to road life. As the son of Libbi and Tracy, he has traveled with the group all of his life and has been the primary operating sound tech on the road.  JK has been singing on stage since earlier this month, filling in as the Bass for his dad.

“I am incredibly thankful for God’s provision over my family and my dad’s health over the last year and am humbled to be able to do my part in his absence,” says JK.  Tracy has been joining the group on stage for a couple songs each night over the last couple months but as he continues to recover, Jared is excited to be filling in those shoes.

“I am very over protective of Tracy and his health and we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to strengthen his recovery,” shares Libbi.  “Sometimes that means having to cut a date and we know that our fans respect that and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

The Perrys joined StowTown Records in late 2013 and are in studios recording their upcoming CD, “Into His Presence.”  “With Tracy’s recovery and physical therapy going so well and us recording our first CD with StowTown, this is sure to be an awesome year,” says Libbi. “Go God Go!”

Visit their facebook page for more “on the road fun”

Pray for Rest, Strength and Endurance

nov14Yeah GOD IS GOOD!!!!! 9 1/2 months ago this seemed it may never happen!!! Goooooo GOD Goooooo!!!! Christmas pics another year!!!! Thank You GOD!!!!!

Well, Lord willing Tracy and I will be with the group this weekend in Albany, GA – Apopka, FL and Louisville, AL! Getting last minute stuff together to put on the bus this evening! This will be Tracy’s first time back on the bus since January 21, 2013!! He’s very excited and after we prayed last night, he said he wants God to use him in a mighty way this weekend!! 😊
This will be a test run to see how things go! Please pray for rest, strength and endurance for both of us!

And just a reminder and PLEASE do NOT take this wrong, but I’m only looking out after my husband! If you come to any of the concerts and you have been sick or are sick or feel like you are getting sick DO NOT get around Tracy! Love him from afar!! Not trying to be mean or rude but just pre cautious!

Dear God,
How blessed we feel that we are soooo much further than we were 9 months ago!! We are thankful for this journey that You have allowed us to travel. Don’t understand it, but just trusting You and Your plan! Use us this weekend to encourage the body of Christ! Let lives be changed and souls be saved! ALL glory, honor and credit belongs to You and You alone!!! I love You!!!

God’s Call On Your Life

Tonight Tracy wanted to go see all his buddy’s with Greater Vision, Booth Brothers and Legacy Five sing at TBN for their Christmas Jubilee. It was a awesome program!! I watched Tracy and his emotions as this was really the first concert type setting he has been too watching some other groups sing. Half way through the program during the break Tracy started crying. When I asked him why he was crying he said, I’m just a little overwhelmed. He said, I wanted sing again and I’ve sat here asking God over and over why this has happened to me. My heart broke for him! I don’t know how he feels and I can’t tell him I do. I just try to tell him that maybe one day God will reveal the why, but until then we just have to keep trusting God’s will and plan in all of this. No, I don’t have a clue either why. Some days are easier than others to try to even begin to understand. But, this one thing I do know, God has NEVER left us, NEVER forsaken us, but has been with us every step of the way!! The days that the pain and fear becomes too much, God says, here, I’ll take it!! You know what, I gladly hand it over to Him!! He’s teaching me especially that trusting Him is soooo much better than my petty ideas and pitiful way of trying to figure it all out!! I still have my days when I act like the little kid in the store that is crying and throwing a blooming fit because he can’t have what he wants!! But, when I stop and realize that God has this, I am ashamed of myself!!

I guess I just want to tell you all, never take for granted what God has called you to do!! If He’s called you to sing, sing! Yeah, there’s gonna be hard days that you just want to be home and be normal! Same with preaching or whatever you may do. Just remember the thing that You may be taking for granted, someone may be praying to do or in Tracy’s case be able to do it again!! Just push through and do what God has called you to do, with all your heart and all your soul!!! One day you may find yourself in a position that it seems it’s all been taken away from you!!

Dear Lord,
Thank You that You go with through every trial and heartache! Thank You for never taking Your hand off of us!!! Lord, help us NOT to take for granted the thing You have called us to do!! Lord, we are BLESSED way more than we know!! I love You!!

A Wonderful, Blessed Day

We have had such a wonderful and blessed day!!! Started out with Greater Vision at their Smoky Mtn Praise Fest in Pigeon Forge, TN this morning! Thanks to everyone who came by and said you were STILL praying for us!!! We are forever grateful and PLEASE, PLEASE don’t stop!!! Thank you to everyone who gave love gifts, we are so humbled by all of your love and support!!! We cannot thank you all enough for everything! Thanks to Gerald Wolfe and Greater Vision for having us on their special event! They could have had any group to sing this morning other than the Perrys!

After we finished there, Tony Gore delivered lunch, cakes and pies to the bus!! Oh my, it was incredible and made me sleepy! :0) Tracy was soooo excited that Tony cooked him his very own homemade banana pudding!!! Thanks Tony Gore!!! We value our friendship that we’ve have for many, many, many years!! Love you friend!

JK brought us home in the RV on two wheels! :0) Our bus is in the shop being modified for Tracy’s needs so he will be able to go with us some as his strength will allow. Thanks to Olan Witt and Coach Quarters for doing this for Tracy and for the use of the RV! Lord willing, Tracy will be making the trip with us next weekend for the first time! This will be a test run to see how he does and how he likes it!

Thank you to Alisa Grubb, Kasey Kemp and Miranda Thompson Myracle for staying with Tracy while I went to Pigeon Forge! I really don’t know what I would do without y’all helping me out!! I pray God blesses y’all way more than you can ever contain!!!!! I love y’all for being here for me!!!

Tracy has been sleeping this evening. He doesn’t sleep well when I’m away. So, I have Christmas music playing softly and letting him sleep in front of the Christmas tree! When he wakes up he wants some of that banana pudding! :0)


PS: Yes, the dog is still hanging out!!!

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for such a wonderful, blessed day You have given us!! We are so un-deserving, but some how You just keep right on blessing us!! You are sooooo incredibly awesome, NO words are adequate enough to describe You!!! May be one day when I get to heaven I can show You with bowing at Your precious feet and praising You for a million years and then I will have just begun!!!! I love You Sweet Jesus!!!

Thankful For All Things

Welp, Tracy has a UTI and yeast infection! Got antibiotics started tonight. Gave him some yogurt too. Praying all this stuff dies in the Name of Jesus!!!!

Thanks to Randy Perry and Mary Brown Perry for staying with us a couple of days and helping with things!! Means a lot!!! Tracy prayed tonight and thank God for you two and for letting Randy help him take a bath two nights! So sweet!! Miss y’all already!! Can’t wait til Christmas!!!

Happy Birthday to my OLDER sister Debra Perry-Reed!!! I will be 50 the 16th of November and she is 5 yrs older than me! Hope it was a great day!!! I love you!!!

Praying we get to go to church in the morning if Tracy is up to it. He loves his church and always wants to go if he can.

November is a month when we show and tell more what we are thankful for. I just want to say, I am thankful for all things! Everything in my life! God’s been good in my life! I’ve been blessed beyond what you could ever imagine!!!!!

Thankful for the extra hour of sleep tonight!!!!! Sleep is a precious thing to me! LOL :0)

Hope you all have a blessed Lord’s day!!! Remember to pray for your Pastor!!!! He’s either preyed on or prayed for!!! Which do you do??

I’m thankful for all things!!! You said in Your Word, “in ALL things give thanks!!!” Not just the month of November, but for everyday that I live!!!! Touch my sweet man tonight! I plead the blood over this UTI and yeast infection!! Nothing is too hard or impossible for you!!! Touch all of my friends tonight! Soooooo many are hurting, facing un-believable stuff, or lost loved ones! Wrap Your loving arms around each of them and let them feel Your presence and Your comfort like never before! You know who they are and the needs they are facing!!
I love You Jesus!!!

Perrys Sign Exclusive Agreement with StowTown Records

Oct 31Inked during a celebration at the offices of Provident/Sony Distribution, this new partnership — between the legendary Perrys and StowTown founders Ernie Haase and Wayne Haun — is a natural outgrowth of the mutual respect, friendship and admiration built throughout the years they’ve shared stages across the country. Haase is quick to explain his excitement about the signing: “I have known Libbi and Tracy for about 20 years now. They are my favorite kind of people — humble and full of the love of Jesus. It is my honor to finally get to work with them. I believe the best is yet to come!”

One of the most-awarded groups in Southern Gospel music during their storied 41-year career, The Perrys’ roster currently includes Libbi Perry Stuffle — the unforgettable alto who carries on the family legacy, her husband and beloved bass singer Tracy Stuffle, their son Jared (JK) Stuffle — assisting on bass vocals, lead singer David Ragan, and baritone Bryan Walker.

2013 has been a challenging year for The Perrys, with the ongoing recovery of Tracy Stuffle after his initial stroke in January. However, Tracy’s recent return to selected dates and featured songs with the group serves as a picture of grace and hope to the prayer warriors who have joined The Perrys on this journey of faith. Tracy — who signed the contract himself — is clearly grateful: “Lib and I, along with our guys, Bryan, David, and JK, are so excited about our joint venture with StowTown Records and Provident/Sony Distribution. We look forward to many years of a lasting relationship with both companies. We have always had a wonderful relationship with our long-time producer Wayne Haun, and are excited that this new chapter will still include him. We are very much looking forward to what the Lord and the future is gonna hold for The Perrys.”

Their new project is expected to release in March 2014, so fans should follow The Perrys on social media for updates on the recording process, as well as upcoming concerts, events, and Tracy’s recovery.  Libbi’s heartfelt updates and prayer postings on Facebook have also become a must-read for both new and long-time fans of the group.